About Us

Interconstra d.o.o. Croatia and its sister companies MLV Bulgaria Ltd, Bulgaria, and Tramontana OÜ, Estonia, have been a global provider of trade services for used nonwoven machinery since 2001. We purchase equipment that businesses no longer need and sell used equipment to businesses that do need it.

We work with all segments in the nonwoven industry and provide for a range of unique needs to our customers. There is nothing too complex or too limited. We welcome information about your specific need and will work to meet your specific goals.

Our services range widely to accommodate the needs of a diverse industry. They include the dismantling and loading of machinery, installation of machinery, as well as production startup, workforce training, consulting, and machinery repair.

Our proven skills, outstanding resources, and knowledge of the industry will help you to achieve your goals. Finding quality, affordable equipment or selling the equipment you currently no longer need is easy to do using our experience and services.